Polluted Water Treatment Chemicals

Mode of Operation

When AquaClean is added to a comtaminated area, the bacteria immediately revive themselves and begin to feed, reproduce and attach the organic waste in the water.AquaClean was developed to specifically reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) which cause the odors that emanate from water treatment systems, septic tanks, lagoons and pits. AquaClean breaks down solids including fecal material, fats and proteins and treats phenolic water, sewerage, biodegradable hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants.The operation efficiency of lagoons, septic tanks, grease traps, activated sludge systems and other treatment facilities is greatly improved when AquaClean is applied. Contamination is drastically reduced as is the need for expensive cleaning and pumping procedures. AquaClean can help a treatment facility achieve total compliance with government pollution regulations and help cusotmers avoid the imposition of costly fines and surcharges.AquaClean used in combination with BioAktiv provides a very cost effective bioremediation technology for treatment of very large volume of waste water for reuse in third world countries where water resource is scarse.

We provide total system and technical support to solve your water pollution and waste treatment problem by :-
Innovative Treatment Plans Identifying problems that need to be solved via systematic survey forms, establishing goals and defining criteria for success. Sustainable Natural Solution; Providing an environmental friendly treatment solution to achieve an ecological balanced system through natural microbial remediation and bioaugmentation technologies. Review results to adjust & maintain sustainable long-term performance and satisfaction. Cost Effective and Efficient; An innovative solution that is very cost effective and efficient. Eliminates the need for high upfront capital equipment investment. Environmentally Safe AquaClean is a Ecological Laboratories, USA products marketed by BioAktiv Far East Pte Ltd in Asia. Visit our website for successful project references.

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A combination of various species of live bacteria used for industrial, agriculture and polluted water treatment AquaClean is a combination of various species of live bacteria used for the treatment of industrial, agriculture and residential, organically contaminated wastewater.
The mirco-organisms in AquaClean are non-toxic and non-pathogenic live bacteria suspended in a liquid medium that is non-offensive to humans, animals, plants and all types of aqua-culture.
The bacteria remain in an adult state after manufacture which gives AquaClean its ability to quickly adapt to different environments. The combination of these diverse components in AquaClean provides the flexibility to treat highly complex organic components in different systems utlizing aerobic and anaerobic applications.AquaClean has been very successful in the treatment of henolic waste with large concentration of oils and fats and extremely offensive odors.It is very succesfull as a bioremediation agent in treating extreme high BOD rubber and palm oil effluent using large open lagoon system particularly use with BioAtkiv for water.
Area of Application

AquaClean products are an excellent bioremediation based bacteria that works well in the following applications:-
Achieving ecological balance of natural bodies of water such as polluted lakes and lagoons; along with reducing flying insect population.Economical treatment of agricultural waste using simple oxidation ponds such as used in swine and duck farms where large amounts of waste water are produced daily, eliminating odor, while enhancing fertilizer value of treated effluent.
Enhancing the effectiveness of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and increasing the operation efficiency and capacity.Improves water quality in fresh water shrimp and fish farms, reducing mortality rate and increasing yield and quality, while reducing feed.
Restaurant and Hotel grease trap treatment, reducing fats-oils-grease for easier removal, as well as controlling bad odors.Reduces the need for regular sludge removal in septic tanks, eliminates odor, and in may cases can Rejuvenate failed septic systems.Improves the water quality of ornamental ponds, reducing the need for filter cleaning and maintenance.Hydrogen Sulfate removal, particularly in petroleum storage tanks, thereby preventing tank corrosion.