Plate Fillter Press

Features & Advantages of Dewatering System:

Long working life due to excellent resistance at high temperature Lightweight makes handling easie Resistant to most acids, alkalis, chemicals and abrasio Less cost of installation and maintenanc Easy to operate and maintenance Long service life Maximum filtration efficience

Filter Presses are available in various sizes :

305mm X 305mm
355mm X 355mm
470mm X 470mm
610mm X 610mm
760mm X 760mm
800mm X 800mm
915mm X 915mm
1000mm X 1000mm
1200mm X 1200mm
1500mm X 1500mm


We offer highly effective sludge de-watering system which is a solid liquid separation device. Waste Water Treatment process- generates huge quantities of SLUDGE in slurry form. This device works on the principle of pressure feeding due to which it delivers optimum output at the site of installation.W2P has a unique Sludge de watering Equipment for the de-watering of the sludge & recovering the filtrate media i.e. water or process liquids. The moisture content remains very low & sludge is taken out in cake form. It is manual or hydraulic operated hence the closing & opening operation is very easy & can be operated by unskilled labor. The dry cake sludge reduces the overall weight of the WWTP sludge there by the disposal cost of the same. A feeding pump is used to force liquid through the medium leaving solid particles trapped inside.W2P-Dewatering System can also be used for recovery of Oil from surface grinding operations where mineral Oil is used & re-circulated to the Grinders.


ETP, STP, WTP, WWTP for various industries
Metals, metal finishing, minerals
Petrochemical, oily slurries and paint sludge
Tanneries and textile waste
Chemical solid-liquid separation processes
Environmental Remediation
Corrosive, acidic, alkaline slurry filtration
Pre-filtration & Clarification