Expansion joints

Expansion joints can be used for practically any kind of movement: axial, lateral, angular and various combinations. Expansion joints are usually applied in the shell of fixed tube sheet exchangers and at the shell cover end of one-pass tube floating heads to absorb stresses due to differential thermal expansion.

Rubber Expansion Joint

– Main body: Polarized rubber
– Lining: Nylon cord fabric
– Frame: Hard steel wire
– Flange: Mild steel


– Single sphere
– Double sphere
– Double sphere Screwed
– As required

Metallic Expansion Joint


– Mild steel
– Stainless steel
( 304/304L,316/316L ,321)
– Inconel
– Monel
– Titanium, etc.


Single, Hinged, Gimbal, Universal, Elbow Pressure Balanced, In-line Pressure Balanced, Externally Pressurized, Toroidal
Thick-wall (flanged & Flued)

Fabric Expansion Joint

Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joints

– Lower Overall Costs
– Large Movement Capability
– Easy to Install
– Corrosion/Chemical Resistance
– Wide Range of Design Temperatures
– Vibration & Sound Dampening
– High Cycle Life