Coarse Bubble Diffusers


Perforated Membrane with Low Plasticizer EPDM / SILICON rubber compound.
Membrane Support Base with u PVC / PP of high pressure.
Membrane with micro slits to prevent clogging and back flow with flexibility of air volume.
Membrane rim sealed with the base with stainless steel screw for prevention of side leakage.


Municipal wastewater treatment.
Intermittent operation capability.
Raw water treatment.
Sludge stabilization.
Aeration of fish ponds.
Aeration of streams and lakes

A porous Tube or Disc or Strip through which air is forced and divided into
minute bubbles for diffusion in the water thereby increasing the oxygen
quantity in the water or the fluid. This is advanced in the view of better
performance, high oxygen transfer efficiency, low power consumption and
cost effective due to low maintenance. Fine bubble membrane diffuser generally delivers greatest energy saving When they can be distributed in more uniform distribution on the floor of the basin.
In diffused type of aeration system the size of the bubble play a major role. Bubble diameter can critically affect process efficiency because it determines the surface area of the bubbles.
Surprisingly, the most important factor has been found to be the ratio of the surface energy of the diffuser material at the water interface to the surface tension of the liquid. The higher the ratio, the smaller the bubbles.

High oxygen transfer efficiency.
High resistance to clogging.
High resistance to corrosion.
Small diameter of air bubble.
Wide air flow range.
Low pressure loss.
Low energy cost.
Easy installation.
Water-stirring effect.
Back flow prevention.
Self cleaning operation.
Self cleaning operation.
Intermittent operation capability